Our contribution at the 6th World Recreational Fishing Conference,  August 1-4, 2011, Berlin: New methodological tools to survey and assess recreational fisheries.

Mobile applications for the angling community.

Recreational anglers explore most water bodies and coastal areas, even the unproductive and those inaccessible to commercial fisheries, to an extent that is unattainable by scientific projects. They spend tremendous effort of time, energy and money to "investigate" fish communities, particularly in freshwaters. There is no doubt that the recreational angler community can provide a wealth of data which have, however, hardly been used for monitoring, management and biodiversity conservation acts. In order to encourage angler to communicate their catch data online, FishBase, the global information system about fish, has established the FishWatcher facility years ago. The FishWatcher is a place, where angler and fish watcher (e.g. diver) can upload their catch data and observations which then may be used anonymously to improve e.g. species biodiversity maps. Since it was required to use a webbrowser to upload observations, this has obviously hampered a more frequent usage by the angling community. In order to facilitate the upload of catch data and observations straight from the fishingspot, we have developed mobile angler applications for the iPhone and a client for Android-Smartphones. These applications provide online community functionalities and allows the angler to upload  his catch data to the FishWatcher. The presentation will demonstrate the usefulness of the features of both applications for angler and will demonstrate how to upload observations to the FishWatcher.

Download the presentation in the
pdf-format (~ 3.8 MByte).

Deutsche Anleitung für den FishWatcher in FishBase.

In dieser Anleitung wird dargestellt wie mit Hilfe von FishBase ein geangelter Fisch, der einem unbekannt ist, bestimmt werden kann und wie man einen Eintrag im FishWatcher vornehmen kann der dann weltweit sichtbar ist.

Download der Anleitung im pdf-Format (~1 MByte).



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