AnglersBase mobile: the community application for Android Phones  

The mobile angling community application AnglersBase mobile is an Angling Community application for Android OS, which allows you to establish communication with your angling buddies and to create and to store your catch records in the catch diary. Subsequently you may upload these observations to the FishWatcher in FishBase. Future versions will focus on improved privacy (such as blurring fishing spots and your location).

Angling & Science

The angling community holds a wealth of data, which has hardly been used for monitoring, science and management purposes. Anglers explore most water bodies and coastal areas, even the unproductive and those inaccessible to commercial fisheries, to an extent that is unattainable by scientific projects. However, those data are rarely used outside the anglers community, since the respective data have a very diverse format and are often not processed and analyzed, digitized and typically not accessible outside angler clubs and associations.

A sustainable information system like Fishbase requires the support of many volunteers and FishBase needs also your observation! Please consider improving our knowledge about fish stocks worldwide! FishBase supports the uploading of fish observations and photos through the Internet, and with the AnglersBase mobile application, you will be able to submit observations about fish occurrences straight from your Android phone from any location.

Angler towards a high-tech attitude

It is obvious, that many recreational anglers have adopted a high-tech attitude, involving fishing equipment as well as the use of the modern communication technology. Thus, we believe, that the angler wants to make use of the new Internet and telecommunications technologies related to their leisure time activity. Thus, we provide this new mobile application, AnglersBase mobile, which was developed in close coopereation with FishBase under consideration of the privacy enhancing PICOS concepts (read more about about PICOS and the liaison with the Angling Community). 

-Version of AnglersBase available

Please visit the Android Marketplace in order to download an evaluation version of AnglersBase mobile. A full-working version is expected to be available in the Android market place from the 31st of August 2011.

More coming soon...

This site is under construction, and according to the progress in the development of the mobile application, you will be informed about new features and releases. Please come back again...

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